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Job Details

Responsibilities :-

1. Collaborate with UX designers, product teams and other teams, responsible for multiple product interfaces and brand-related copywriting.

2. Understand brands and products, and use this to establish writing styles and content strategies for products and brands.

3. Effective use of reusable parts of copywriting, and help improve and manage all content.

4.can be based on user data to quantify the effectiveness of copywriting, and use this to improve copywriting.

5. Help to develop norms and guidelines for internal copywriting.

Requirements :-

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in English, Literature, Media, Design, etc. is preferred, proficient in English reading and writing.

2. More than one year of full-time copywriting experience in overseas markets, basic understanding of user experience design, and continuous passion for the Internet and text.

3. Able to balance multiple projects in a fast-paced environment to ensure timely delivery and output quality.

4. Strong self-drive, excellent communication and learning skills, know how to ask questions and solve problems.

5. Please provide corresponding text cases for the interview.

Interested candidates send cv's to :- jobs@findwarehouse.space

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